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  • Advocacy Begins at Home
  • Educating youth in the community
  • Literacy training in Schools
  • Parenting workshops in Inner City

Tiara Gunn

Health Care volunteer and entrepreneur.

Depression  helps put Hope in Action


​a life


those in need

  • Team-building with youth and parents
  • Annual gala to raise funds
  • Tools and Tips for Dealing
  • Prevention interventions

Get informed:learn the facts, myths, risk factors. Spread the word: tell your family, friends and co-workers about the seriousness of Suicide and what could happen. Lets work together to create a world Stigma Free.....

Hope360 inner power by helping others

Speak Out

Awareness and knocking down depression's stigmas and mental health are key to suicide prevention..

Chuck Bailey

Non-profit owner, Counselor and head of student programs.

Alex Connor

​Health Care Professional

April Parker

Internet wiz and director of outreach.

Our Mission

For more than 2 years, Stephanie Grimes has devoted her energy to passionately advocating for those  in the Inner City suffering in silence in-regards to suicide, mental health, bullying, etc. There are so many contributing  factors that may cause one to  think of taking there life. Help me to help those by ending the silence by Speaking up and Speaking out about Suicide, knocking out the stigmas that have no boundaries.


Locally, nationally and internationally, Hope360 is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and preventing youth suicides through advocacy outreach and education.


for peace

Stephanie Grimes

Volunteer In the community Donate 1 Day Of Work


There are so many organizations that take time out their busy schedules to come help those in need. I single visit, a listening ear, and a long lasting conversation goes a long way with some one in a crisis. Please continue to help those suffering aloe and in silence.

Suicide is a life long battle that many can't fight on there on. We need so many voices to be heard. Bullying is something that spreads rapidly with no warning. We would like for you to engage in some positive conversations to help encourage those who may be depressed.